Rose Hill Montessori Fun!

This month has been action packed! The kindergartners and elementary students walked over to Sacred Heart for a performance by the Idaho Theater for Youth "Around the World in 80 Days." The kids were such great theater goers, asked interesting questions and the walk was a lovely way to start the day, thank you to Sacred Heart for sharing their space. But thank you most of all to the PTO for sponsoring this and other fun events! 

The elementary students also attended a Philharmonic performance, it was amazing, and the kids were engaged and excited, we had great seats looking down on all the performers! 

The elementary classes also had the opportunity to have Jody Malterre come in and do the timeline of Maria Montessori's life, complete with tiny replicas of Montessori materials, it was a great way to kick off Women's History month. We are going to get her back to Rose Hill Montessori so she can show the timeline to the primary kids as well! The elementary kids wrote the most amazing thank you letters after the presentation, Jody was so touched by their words and they were so inspired by Maria's resilience. 

Finally the Idaho Botanical Garden brought an interesting and engaging Buzzy Bees presentation to the primary classroom, this was also sponsored by the PTO and was so well done and fun. 

Thank you all for entrusting your kids to us and thank you to the PTO for allowing us to expand the curriculum with community events! 

Enjoy the weekend and spring break!