Additional Educational Offerings


Foreign Language Education

  • All Primary and Kindergarten students receive bi-weekly Spanish lessons. 
  • First and second graders receive bi-weekly Spanish lessons. 
  • Third through sixth graders receive lessons in Spanish and Latin. 
  • All foreign language lessons are taught in small groups based on the student's ability.

Spanish Program

Our Spanish programs are taught by Rick Butler.

Rick was 19 when he set of to Lima, Peru to explore South America. He spent a year traveling around Peru and Colombia learning Spanish and ultimately became fluent in the language. Upon returning to the U.S., he began teaching private lessons to eager learners, sharing the unconventional and adventurous methods he used to learn the language himself. After a couple years of teaching adults, he branched out and began teaching for the Spanish program at Liberty Elementary. There he also offered one on one private tutoring sessions. In addition to teaching, he works part time as a medical interpreter.

Rick is excited to be a part of the Spanish program here at Rose Hill Montessori!

Latin Program

Our Latin program is taught by Coro Goitiandia. Coro has been with Rose Hill Montessori since it opened in 1996.

Coro was born and raised in the Basque Country (northern Spain and 20 minutes from the French Border.) She received her B. A. from the "Compania de Maria College" in San Sebastian (Spain). While in Spain she taught French, English, and Latin.
Coro moved to Boise in 1972. Since then she has attended B. S. U. to further my education taking courses in psychology, different methods of teaching foreign languages and Basque language classes. Coro has also participated in numerous enrichment programs and workshops related to education.
Coro was a house-mom until my two children went to school. Then she started working for the Boise School District teaching Spanish. She was also the Spanish coordinator for their gifted and talented program. Coro's experience in the Montessori classroom dates from the year 1983. Since then she's been very fortunate to work closely with several wonderful Montessori teachers, assisting them in the classroom and in the office. But her main role has always been teaching Spanish, French, Latin, and Basque.

Music Program

MJ Faris hails from Phoenix, Arizona and has been playing the saxophone since 2005.

In high school, MJ fell in love with music theory, playing baritone sax, and jamming with her friends in a self-run gypsy jazz combo.

MJ attended the University of Oregon and participated in the Oregon Marching Band. After completing an 18-month proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, she decided to pursue Elementary Education and Music at Boise State University. 

MJ is one of the original members of Rippin’ Brass, a student-run brass band that plays anything from dixieland to pop to klezmer. MJ has participated in the Boise State Jazz Ensemble, Symphonic Winds, the Bill Rankin Quartet and Saxophone Choir. She also enjoys playing any instrument she can get her hands on, including (but not limited to) the accordion, the ukulele, the clarinet and bass clarinet, guitar, piano, the flute, marimba, and the djembe. 

MJ desires to help students discover the joys of music through exposure to many different artists, genres, and instruments. She believes all people can and should participate in the creation and appreciation of music, both in and outside of the classroom.


Patricia Easteppe (Elementary Art Teacher) is a native Idahoan, born in the Treasure Valley, Patricia recently returned after 25 years residing and working in Oregon and Northern California.

A graduate of Willamette University with a professional degree in Theatre, she worked backstage in Ashland, OR at the Shakespeare Festival running shows and taking care of wardrobe. This was followed by 7 years at a private college-prep boarding school running the Performing Arts Department. There she directed and designed 2 plays a year and taught a full curriculum. The next 10 years were spent at the Shasta College Theatre Dept. in Redding, CA teaching Theatre Arts courses (make-up, costume design, acting). Summers were spent doing Children's Theatre.

Patricia loves working with children and is always surprised with their creative talents. 


The P. E. position at Rose Hill appeals to Caleb because it positively effects the lives of kids by encouraging an active lifestyle.  Physical challenges can help reinforce the importance of cooperation. Caleb believes an active body helps facilitate an active mind.  His purpose is to provide an opportunity for the students to hone their existing skills, learn new skills, and at the very least burn off some of their energy to make class easier for the rest of the teachers.


Summer programs are offered for preschool though grade 3 students. 

  • Weekly Elementary Workshops (June-August)
  • Elementary Summer Program (Summer Length Session)
  • Early Childhood Summer Program (Summer Length Session)

After-School Care

A team of five great after-school care specialists are available daily to care for students. 


Students have the opportunity to participate in several optional extra-curricular activities as school-day or after-school programs. Current offerings include:

  • Dance: Provided by Dance Connections
  • Elementary After school Spanish 
  • Art sessions are available throughout the year as well
  • Readers Theatre